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Achieving your National B ARDS Racing Licence is the first step on your road to becoming a racing driver. At some point in their career every racing driver has had to take their test. The test consists of a written paper followed by an on-track assessment carried out by an S grade ARDS Instructor. In order to pass your test you will have to prove that you are safe and competent behind the wheel whilst sharing the track with other competitors.

Our coaches have previous experience of training up budding racing drivers to take and pass their tests, our S grade coaches have also sat in and assessed drivers during their test. We have a course in place that will guarantee that you will pass your test first time.

getting your licence 

step by step


Step 1 

Motorsport UK 'Go Racing' Starter Pack

The first step towards getting on track is to purchase the 'Go Racing' starter pack from the Motorsport UK website.

The pack has everything you need to know about getting your licence and plenty of revision material.


Step 2 

A days on-track tuition to prepare

In order to prepare for your on-track assessment it is worth taking a days tuition from a qualified ARDS coach. 

The coach can teach you all elements of the test (including the theory) before the day comes.


Step 3 

Organizing your test

You will need to book your ARDS test with your chosen 'ARDS School'. Schools are situated and run at almost every race circuit. 

DriveQuest can organise your ARDS day for you at Silverstone Circuit.


Step 4

The Written Test

The written test will be carried out in a controlled environment at your chosen racing school. 

It is a multiple choice paper that will test your knowledge on all racing flags and also some potential real life scenarios. If you pass you will move onto the on-track assessment.


Step 5

On- track Assessment 

Your on-track assessment will be carried out in one of the schools cars on their racing circuit with an S Grade instructor. You will be assessed on your ability to drive safely around other drivers and react to situations. On successful completion of this test you instructor will sign you off and you will recieve your licence in the post.

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