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The best race drivers in the world still use driver coaches and DriveQuest's instructors have raced at national and international level, ranging from Formula One, A1GP, F3, Formula Renault, Formula Palmer Audi, GTs, Touring Cars as well as many other saloons and Rallycross. Coaching can be given to the driver on a one to one basis assisting with car testing, set up, telemetry, local circuit advice and race craft - all this in one package.


Whether you are a budding new racing driver or a seasoned veteran there is always something to be learned. It could be a new on track technique or better understanding for why a car is handling a certain way or you might be looking to learn the bare basics.

If you are new to the sport and are looking to hit the ground running a day of coaching will teach you all of the bespoke tools needed to put together a fast lap time and ultimately reach that podium. We have worked with a number of young drivers coming out of karting and drivers who are new to Motorsport all together, many of those drivers have gone on to compete all around the world in all different categories. 

In recent years, with sport constantly developing, the margins between drivers are becoming a lot smaller. Through coaching, guidance and learning you can work out how to always stay a step ahead of the competition. 

Our ARDS A and S grade coaches have also raced at the highest levels of the sport, including Formula 1 and the Le Mans 24hr. They have had to work their way through the ranks just as you might be now, they know what it takes to make it to the top and stay there. Through them passing on their knowledge you too can equal their success.

A Day of coaching

Through a day of coaching we follow a simple structure. The morning begins with an introduction between you, your coach and your team followed by a look at the race car, current set up and a chat on the dynamics of the vehicle, i.e the drivetrain layout, suspension layout etc and how this may effect the handling, weight transfer and tyre management. Your coach will also chat to you about the circuit, whether you have been there before, some key tricks, things to look out for etc.

You will then head off to the drivers briefing/signing on and wait for the tracktime to begin, using the waiting time to look at some previous data and video footage.

You will then head out onto the racetrack and receive tailored 1-1 coaching throughout the day. The coach will pick up on areas of potential improvement from your driving and work to make sure that the areas are covered by the end of the day. 

Between sessions you will be looking at data (Vbox or other software) and watching onboard videos. Your coach will then be able to talk you through what you can do differently before you head out onto the track again for your next session. 

At the end of the day you will have a debrief where the coach will highlight key things from the day, any areas that could benefit from some more work and other things to take away.

After the day you will receive a follow-up email with an overview of the day and summary of areas to work on.

The on track sessions are obviously the most valuable element of any coaching so it's vitally important that they are used in the most productive way possible. 

Here are some of the elements we focus on during a session...

  • Vehicle Dynamics/ Weight transfer/ Turn angles

  • Braking Techniques - Threshold braking, Left foot braking etc

  • Heel and toe techniques (for manual race cars)

  • Race techniques - Starts, Overtaking, Defending etc

  • Tyre Management 

  • Wet racing - Finding grip

  • Car Sympathy

  • Vision - Looking through a corner

  • Oversteer/Understeer - how to control and use them

Off-track is where you analyse your sessions and work out a game plan for future sessions. Here are a few things we do off-track...

  • Analyse data on Race Logic VBox or other software

  • Corner to corner analysis 

  • Watch onboards

  • Set out a plan for the next session

  • Talk about potential set-up changes to fine tune vehicle

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