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Whether you are a track day novice or an experienced racer you can benefit from driver tuition. Our coaches can pass on years of knowledge that would be difficult to learn by yourself. Even some of today's professional racing drivers, including those in Formula One Grand Prix racing, still use driver coaches because you will never stop learning. Racing instruction makes you safer, more aware, and ultimately quicker.


Just started taking your brand new track car out or even been doing track days for years, you will still have much to learn! Most trackday enthusiasts will spend thousands on their car and book up loads of track days without really knowing how to get the full potential out of their car on track. 

Our trackday courses aim to have you learning the basics of track driving and massively improving your lap time whilst still maintaining that fun element. 

Driver coaching is often something that is overlooked by a trackday enthusiast but it is the most effective way to enjoy your day out whilst making some substantial improvements. Our coaches have worked with professional Grand Prix drivers and have raced in many high end championships internationally, they are the best in the business for ensuring that you become a more complete driver.

During a day of coaching our coach will sit beside you and provide 1-1 tuition followed by end of session corner to corner analysis. This will enable any faults to be recognized and improved throughout the day.

A Day of coaching

Your trackday will begin with an introduction between you and your coach followed by an acclimatization to the car and chat about your previous on- track experience and what you plan to take away from the day. 


After signing on and the drivers briefing you will head out onto the track for a couple of slow sighting laps. This is a good opportunity for the coach to speak you around the lap slowly and is especially helpful if you haven't driven that particular track before.

Once the sighting laps are over the track will be opened up for everyone to begin their days. You can complete as many laps as you like during your day, our coaches will sit beside you the whole way, finding areas at fault and helping you to improve on them. 

At the end of the day you will have a debrief with your coach where they will outline where they feel you have made improvement and areas which could do with some more work. Once you are safely home you will receive and email containing the previous information. 

The on track sessions are obviously the most valuable element of any coaching so it's vitally important that they are used in the most productive way possible. 

Here are some of the elements we focus on during a session...

  • Vehicle Dynamics/ Weight transfer/ Turn angles

  • Braking Techniques - Threshold braking, Left foot braking etc

  • Heel and toe techniques (for manual race cars)

  • Car Sympathy

  • Vision - Looking through a corner

  • Oversteer/Understeer - how to control and use them

Off-track is where you analyse your sessions and work out a game plan for future sessions. Here are a few things we do off-track...


  • Corner to corner analysis 

  • Watch onboards (If onboard cameras are in use)

  • Set out a plan for the next session

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